About us

"Akvaorganik" offers you natural drinking and mineral water, lemonades, tea, kvass, watercoolers and also the accompanying goods for the house and office with free delivery.

We deliver tasty, fresh, crystal-clear natural mineral and drinking water from in Moscow and Moscow suburbs directly to your house or office.

Our mission is to provide you with drinking and mineral water as quick as possible. Our water is extracted in environmentally friendly areas and spreads in bottles on the modern hi-tech equipment conforming to all European standards and passes the strictest control and has all quality certificates.

We provide:

- a wide choice of bottled water

- a wide range of coolers and also service of the equipment,

-a various range of soft drinks and the accompanying goods,

- free delivery to your house and office.

Our reputation and growth is fundamentally based on a commitment to excellence and a service our customers continually rely on. The team of high quality experts works for you daily!


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